We are a small family business, located among the sunny foothills of the Madonie Mountains in Northern Sicily, near Cefalù.

This area traditionally produces high quality delicious olive oil. Up to now, we have been selling our oil to our family and friends abroad, as well as to local businesses.

As customers abroad, have become increasingly aware of the tricks and frauds about "extra virgin" olive oil, we have had growing requests for our quality products via word of mouth. So, we have decided to create this platform to enable us to share our passion and our extra virgin olive oil with as many people as possible.

Our family members have lived abroad and know how difficult is to find QUALITY products at reasonable prices. Besides, we would like to support our local, sustainable agriculture, which is organic and authentic. 

We also speak many languages such as, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Sicilian of course!!

The most important things for us are: HIGH QUALITY and LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIPS.